Bikram Yoga Burr Ridge



"It is never too late,
it is never too bad,
you are never too old,
you are never too sick,
to start from scratch again,
to be born again."
- Bikram Choudhury

First Timer's Special:

30 days of unlimited yoga for $49!

Your journey starts now!



Ready for Happy Hour?

Introducing Smart 60:         

     26 postures, 2 breathing             exercises, 1 hour.

The REAL Hot Yoga!


105 degrees • 90 minutes  • 26 postures


Fall Schedule


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wed. Thursday Friday Saturday
6am x x x
7am x x


x x x x x
10am x x
12pm x x x x x x x
4pm x x
4:30pm x
5pm x x x x
7pm x x x x

X indicates 90-minute Bikram class                X indicates Smart 60 class

Thursday Thanksgiving Classes 11/27/14 8am and 10am ONLY